Why Choose UnlockSecure.COM?

UnlockSecure specializes in unlocking your smartphone absolutely FREE, employing a unique and efficient method.

How We Unlock Your Phone for Free:

Unlocking your phone at UnlockSecure is a free service, thanks to our advertisers.

When you complete offers from our advertisers, they pay for the service, using part of their profits to cover the expense of unlocking your device.

Explore our business model: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TrialPay

For iPhones, you will receive a ‘status unlocked.’ Other phone types will either receive an unlock code or a ‘status unlocked’ in the app (e.g., for MetroPCS, T-Mobile).

Simply provide the phone model, IMEI number, and a valid email address.

The IMEI number is typically located under the battery or can be obtained by dialing *#06#. It can also be found in the settings menu. Ensure the accuracy of your IMEI number before submission.


REQUEST UNLOCK – Fill Out Form for Free Carrier Unlock


SUBMIT FORM - Request your Carrier Unlock Code through TrialPay
e.g. Samsung Galaxy S23, iPhone 14
dial on your device *#06# and get IMEI number
enter a valid email address
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