How to unlock Optus Phone

In this article I will explain how to unlock Optus phone (iPhone, Samsung, Motorola or any other types of phones) for free through a unique method and the other ways to have your Optus phone unlocked and ready to use to other carriers, worldwide.

There are many customers who have tried to insert a different SIM to their phone and checked if it really works. In many cases it will not work and reason being the phone is locked to Optus network.
This is the procedures which involves getting some unlocking codes(SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PINS) and then entering that code into the phone. Through this it is possible to get rid of all possible restrictions and this works like magic. Remember that this is the most common method which is used and now also being used in most of the cases of phone unlocking.

How to unlock Optus phone for free via our website

In case if the phones are locked to a network, there will be a charge for opening it. It is the same with the Optus phone as well. So, this is the reason people find other ways so that they can open their phones for free without paying anything. Today customers have found such options as well.

Our website  provide unlock codes for free through a unique method, find more about that on our first page, there is no risk involved and the procedure it is simply easy.

Why Unlock Optus Phone

There are advantages of unlocking the Optus Phone. Once the customer enters the unlock code into his phone, then it is said to be a factory unlocked device. After this, the most significant benefit is this phone can now be used on any network. Once the unlocking is done, the customer can even start updating the device to any old or new Apple iOS baseband or firmware, which also includes the latest iOS 8. Once the unlocking is done, customer can start using any carrier, and there is no necessary to return the phone to the original owner, there is no need to get a new one through the retail.  Once the phone is unlocked the value of the phone gets increased, customer can start thinking about more and more cheaper plans of their choice, and they can use the same local SIMS even though they travel overseas.

Things to know before to unlock an Optus Phone

There are few things to understand before getting an unlocking code that works. So, before searching for the unlocking system that works, customers should have three pieces of information. First and foremost thing is he should know the model or brand number of that handset. After that, he needs information about the network. Finally, the IMEI code, without this information, there is no possibility that one can unlock their handset using the system.

Among these, brand or the model number of the handset, everyone will know this. This will be written on the device. Otherwise, you will find it on documentation or its box. So, let’s move on. Next is the network. This is the actual network for which the device is locked currently. This is not the one which the customer wants in future.

Finally, the IMEI, this is nothing but the International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is the unique number which is allotted every mobile phone. This is the number which should get marked as invalid when the customer loses that phone or when it is reported lost. One can check their IMEI number through typing *#06# in their handset. This number is handy, and one must note down this number.

Next is finding the actual unlocking code. There are many websites which provide this number and website must be chosen based on the brand of the handset.

Unlock Optus Phone via Optus Customer Service

It is possible to submit the unlock request, even through the Optus network, and there will be an online form for this. By using this, it is possible to remove the network lock from the devices which are sold by the Optus and are locked to their network.

online form request for unlock optus phone

Before even starting the process, you must know the following.

  • You should have the IMEI number. To obtain this, you can press *#06# on your mobile
  • Keep a credit card ready for some payment if required( if you are under contract with Optus network you must pay a fee: $80 – if you are in first 6 months of contract, $25 after 6 months of the contract, and no fee if your contract expired but you must be the original owner of the contract)

For unlocking the phone, one must go through a few steps. The exact steps are given below. So, for completing the process of opening, you must complete the below steps.

  • First, try to complete Entering the Details Form
  • After this, they should make the complete payment requested
  • Now you will receive Mobile device unlock code
  • Now you should enter the same mobile device unlock code received in the mobile device

If any instructions are needed, then please call 133937 number. IMEI is nothing but Mobile Device IMEI number which should be ready before starting anything. In case if the person has not owned the mobile for at least six months, but he has performed the recharge in this period, then there can be a necessity of payment. So, do not forget to keep the credit card ready, which should have sufficient fund for making the transaction.


Unlock iPhone Optus – How to unlock

In 2013 September Optus has been auto- unlocked all the iPhones which are sold previously. So this is the reason if the customer either restores or updates his phone through iTunes after the date mentioned, the iPhone will get automatically unlocked. In case if the Optus iPhone is not yet opened, then the customer should follow the following instructions to unlock his phone.

Before even he starts with the process, one thing he should remember that Optus has only removed the lock which was related to the network from the iPhones which are sold by them. This has been done directly to all the iPhones which were locked to the Optus network. In case if the iPhone has been closed to some other system, customer should check with them for unlocking the phone.

In case if the customer still likes to unlock his phone, then here are some instructions.

For these versions 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, in case if the customer is running iOS 7 or even higher then understand that the Optus network already unlocked the iPhone. In case if the customer is not running them, he should perform the update, and that will take care of unlocking the phone.

Another scenario is customer may be using iPhone 3, 3GS and he has not updated to IOS7 yet. In this case, he should perform the backup, and then he should restore the iPhone with the iTunes. This will send the settings required for unlocking the phone. This will allow the customer to use any other provider SIM if needed.

Unlock Optus Samsung phone for Free via free unlock code generators

There are a lot of Samsung phones which always come with the coded features. There will be a lot of security codes which are necessary to bar other network providers as well as countries from using these phones. So, free Samsung unlocks code generator can be very useful. There are many free code generators available online but you must have care because only few of them are legit.

This code generator functions through removing the codes and after that, it will help in making the Samsung phone free for use. After this, there will not be any restrictions over network providers or even the user’s location. Free Samsung code generator for unlocking the device must be chosen based on the Samsung model.

There is another method for unlocking Optus phones, and that is by making use of clip and cable. In this process, via specific data cable along with some software unlocking is done and this applies only to certain handsets. Even though people do this with the help of services available if they are a little known, they can do this all alone.

Since unlocking Optus phone can cost some amount, people try to find ways through which they can open their phones for free. There are ways to do this, as well. One must search for the websites where  they give some codes with the help of code generator which can be used for unlocking the phones. But some customers even believe that unlocking phones using these methods can be competitive.

Even though there are many free unlocking ways, this may not help many people. This is usually applicable for old models. But many try to unlock the phone this way and finally fail. So, then they choose the second method.

There are many advantages of unlocking the Optus phone, and that is why people find ways to do it. Through the opening, people can change their plan and get some cheap ideas. They can move to the network of their wish as well. Through unlocking, they can increase the value of their handset as well. The best part of unlocking is they can make use of the same SIM even when they travel overseas after unlocking is done.

So, either through freeway for through making some payment, it is always better to unlock the device you are owning.






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